VCOM NP511-14-BLUE 14ft Cat5e UTP Molded Patch Cable (Blue)


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  • Mfr Part Number: NP511-14-BLUE
  • Features:
    • The coat of the cable is adopted dedicated PVC soft patch cable jacket material which is of high anti-disturbance and elongation; make sure it has excellent weather ability, strong anti-ageing ability and extension of service life
    • The coat of core wires is adopted HDPE material, which has perfect insulation ability, and makes the signal transmission with lower loss
    • Wire conduct is standard, 4 tight twisted pairs consist of 8 cores, and the wire distance is totally accord with CAT5e standard
    • The RJ45 (8P8C) connectors on both sides whose metal wiper material is stamped from OFC pieces. Cable and connectors can be better matched, ensure the whole transmission performance
    • The joint plastic on both sides is injection moulded by professional vertical style high-power moulding machine in one time, the button mould is more humanity and convenient
  • Cable Type: Cat5e UTP Molded Patch Cable 0.4CCA
  • Cable Length: 14.0 ft
  • Color: Blue

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